Lochinvar is a well-known manufacturer in the commercial boiler market and now in combined residential boilers. Being innovative and designing products with cutting-edge engineering, the company uses energy-saving technologies and high-level control systems to create efficient and legendarily reliable products.

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At Trilex, we provide the best and exceptionally reliable product brands. That’s why Lochinvar is our main boiler supplier. We rely on the manufacturer’s passion to create state-of-the-art and unmatched efficient heating products. All Lochinvar products pass technologically advanced practical and precise lab tests that prove their efficiency and reliability–two criteria we favour in our product selection.

Whether for commercial, industrial or residential applications, Lochinvar’s safe and sustainable products tailored to our contractors’ and suppliers’ needs are designed for hot water heating and home hot water production.

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Being a manufacturing agent means providing our customers with a wider range of products. Having the chance to exclusively distribute well-known brand products such as Lochinvar, which we carefully pick, we make a difference for suppliers and contractors within a given territory. Not only do we buy and resell the best products, but we also ensure a complete service before, during and after the sale and honour warranties as well as return policies.

Having an in-depth knowledge of all products, we can answer all your questions, thus contributing to your success.


Lochinvar’s boilers are multiple purpose products. This well-known brand offers suppliers and contractors a wide range of equipment with adjustable heating capacities tailored to just about any residential and commercial applications.

Need an easy-to-use, versatile boiler with advanced controls or one compatible with a specific management system? You will find just what you need! As a versatile manufacturer, Lochinvar constantly enhances its product features to provide an optimal energy efficiency, a fast and efficient hot water supply and low energy consumption costs.


Our team of representatives specialized in Lochinvar products will help you find products that best fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to choose the representative of your region for all questions you may have.

  • Alexandre Pion

    Alexandre Pion

    As a sales vice-president, Alexandre Pion, expert on Lochinvar, ICC Chimneys, BoilerMag, Lattner and FPN Hydronique, covers the province of Quebec.

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  • Alexandre Lapierre

    Alexandre Lapierre

    Expert on Lochinvar, BoilerMag, FPN Hydronique and Lattner brands, Alexandre Lapierre, as a technical representative, covers the South Shore.

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  • Vincent Bonnier, Jr. Eng.

    Vincent Bonnier, Jr. Eng.

    As a Trilex’s representative, Vincent Bonnier is in charge of many brands, such as Lochinvar, BoilerMag, FPN Hydronique and Lattner.

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  • Jonathan Dubois

    Jonathan Dubois

    Expert on Lochinvar, BoilerMag, FPN Hydronique and Lattner brands, Jonathan Dubois, a Trilex’s technical representative, covers the North Shore and Montreal.

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  • Philippe Binette

    Philippe Binette

    As a technical representative of Lochinvar, BoilerMag, Lattner and FPN Hydronique products, Philippe Binette covers the North Shore.

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  • Michaël Morency

    Michaël Morency

    Expert on Lochinvar, BoilerMag, FPN Hydronique and Lattner brands, Michaël Morency, as a technical representative, covers Quebec city.

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