The SHIELDℱ commercial water heater features an advanced water heating system beautifully packaged for the smallest possible footprint. The SHIELD is available in ten models in standard and ASME construction. All utility connections are located at the top of the appliance to reduce equipment room footprint and increase installation flexibility. The SMART CONTROLℱ offers a bright, clear LCD display with soft-key buttons and a wide variety of advanced control functions. A large removable pump access panel on the left side as well as control and heat exchanger access in the front make serviceability a snap.
The SHIELD water heater provides effective defense against a water heater’s worst enemy – lime scale buildup on the tank and heating surfaces. Tank type water heaters suffer from one thing the SHIELD does not, lime scale buildup. Lime scale insulates the water from the heat source, decreasing thermal efficiency and increasing operating costs. Just a Œ” of lime scale will increase fuel consumption and raise operating costs as much as 25%. Shield has no flue tubes inside the tank. The water is heated in a separate stainless steel heat exchanger mounted above the tank. By controlling and creating high water velocity through the heat exchanger, the heat surface areas are kept clean so thermal efficiency remains high, for life.

  • – 10 models from 125,000 to 500,000 Btu/hr
  • – Up to 96% thermal efficiency
  • – 5:1 turndown ratio
  • – Design prevents limescale build-up

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